Electrosolar : Photovoltaic Energy

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Relevant information Organisation
The Problem:  
CO2 global analysis centre, USA     http://cdiac.esd.ornl.gov/ CDIAC
Historic maps of C emissions            http://cdiac.esd.ornl.gov/ftp/ndp058/ CDIAC
Global constraints Pollution/Population/Energy etc   http://www.worldwatch.org/ Worldwatch
Reith lectures about climate change etc   http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/static/ events/reith_2000// BBC Radio 4
The Solution in theory:  
Research in the USA   http://www.nrel.gov/ncpv/ National Renewable Energy Lab USA - Photovoltaics (NCPV)
UK solar research - Information and connections   http://www.brookes.ac.uk/schools/technology/research/areas/solar/index.htm! Brookes University
Organic Solar Cell research        http://www.gatech.edu/news-room/release.php?id=497 -
InGaAs Quantum well cells   http://www.sc.ic.ac.uk/~q_pv/ Imperial College
InGaN Multiband cells   http://www.lbl.gov/Science-Articles/Archive/sb-MSD-multibandsolar-panels.html Berkeley Labs
Photoelectrochemistry    http://nsl.caltech.edu/research.sp.html Caltech 
Manufacturers of PV / sources of renewables:  
Market Growth and main companies           http://www.jxj.com/magsandj/rew/2003_04/pv_market_update.html REW
Australian manufacturer of organic PV  http://www.sta.com.au Sustainable Technologies Australia
Articles on real PV installations  http://www.pvpower.com/wkarch.html PV Power
PV for the DIY enthusiast  http://www.alt-energy.com/index.html Alternative Energy Engineering
Source PV modules for DIY   http://www.alt-energy.com/catalog/pvmodules.html Alternative Energy Engineering
Renewables source list   http://www.foe.co.uk/pubsinfo/ infosyst/other_services.html#renew Friends of the Earth
Sustainable Minnesota   http://www.me3.org/whatsnew.html Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Equipment for Organic PV research:  
Equipment for measuring PV performance   http://www.costronics.co.uk Costronics Electronics

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